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Fun app

Like to see more anglers get on board. Beat bragging app Ive seen for fishermen. Nice for kids too!



Keeps getting better and better

I really like this app, please keep making it better.


Better than sex

Fun App, Needs Work

The overall idea and execution of the app is pretty great. However, it would stand to benefit from some updates. Your main feed consists of posts from ALL OVER, rather than just the bodies of water or people you’re subscribed to. This is probably the biggest issue that needs addressed in my opinion. Also, when looking at recent catches on any body of water, and clicking to view one in particular, it’s a multi-step process to get back to the recent catches. Rather than just having a “back” button. Overall a fun app, but like I said it could use some updates to the user interface.


Great app. I love it .

Awesome App

Love the pictures of all the catches and the smiles on all their faces🤙🏾💯


No it is not some weird bug close to you, it is a Fishbrain notification

Michael rate

It is like my favorite app


Fish on!!!!

Great fishing app

I enjoy it

Muy buena

Me parece genial! Pero me gustaría que siguieran haciendo mejoras a la aplicación! Keep it up!!

Love this app

Great app. Lotsa good information. Maps are pretty accurate as well as species selection for an area fished. Cast off points are great as well as live feeds from both pros and ams alike. Its facebook for anglers basically


Good stuff here boy tell ya

Brain fish

Best freaking app ever!!!!!

Great app

Not fond of monthly subscription payment, I’d be more interested in a one time payment for the app but the free version is a great way to talk to local anglers

U go

Nice catch !

The best app!!

Seriously the best app!


I like this app helps out alot

Great App

There couldn’t be a better fishing app!


This app is honestly ridiculous I payed for it and now I can’t even take my card off of it this app is a scam and I want my card off of it ASAP


Great app to share and keep fish I enjoy it sharing with you all

Great App

Awesome app

Needs a little update

I like the app a lot but the tackle box section has a bug. I can’t add lures and have tried fir a few weeks. It worked fine for awhile.

Love Fishbrain

I love seeing everyone’s catches. The fish forecast is also great


I love this app it's amazing to look at awesome fish and to post you own pictures of the fish you caught!!!!


This is great! I only wish I could edit the posts to see places close to my location, and not all over the country. It’s interesting, but I’d like to see what is being caught in my area most. Great app!


This app really helps me see what bait are good for what fish I’m lookin for and shows me good tide and all in all it’s a good app

How do you unsubscribe?

The app does a great job of “hooking” you in, but I’d like to know how to unsubscribe. I can’t find out where the option is in the app.

Grate app

I enjoy posting and viewing other people’s photos and comments. It’s very handy if your looking for new water to fish, best times to fish and the weather forecast. I give it 👍🏼👍🏼. Cheers🍻 and Tight lines🎣

Good job

Good job

Great app

Love this app


Awesome app

Well worth the money, so informative!

Well worth the money, so informative! The posts in your application from other fisherman are awesome also. Good job guys!


Great site !!

Will not allow cancelation!

I thought this was an interesting concept for a fishing app at first. Got bored fast and forgot about it. I did remember to cancel my subscription 3 days before the renewal date. I did my part in declining to pay for another month. This scammer app still charged me for a premium subscription. DO NOT 🚫⚠️ Download this app unless you like giving away your hard earned money.

Really enjoy!

The app is wonderfully designed and it’s helpful in finding spots and figuring out what baits to use. I love it!

Charges me but doesn’t subscribe me.

Have had this expensive app for awhile. Saying expensive due that most if not all info from the app is from user added data. So I don’t understand how it costs almost $10 a month. None the less was charged at the first of the month. But not only does it show me not subscribed, it also says it’s only till the 22nd of the month.. Can’t contact support. So review and cancel is the most I can do.

Really nice but premium is pricy

I love using fish brain to know when to go fishing and where. The only problem i have is the premium is very exspensive. alot of kids i know use this and its hard to make that kind of money as a child. So its only bass that you have options too . I wish some more things could be free such as catch spots. Not all spots but a few spots just to see where a good spot would be.

Keeps you connected

Good advice you can post your catches and see others

Great app

An amazing way to look at what people are catching fish on and where at.


My forecast is stuck on a Tuesday at 11:00pm.So if you could fix that I would highly appreciate it.

Love the app!

Just installed a week ago and it motivated me to start fishing again.

FishOn , TightLines

Use fishBrain for all my local fishing trips, love hearing the drag reel when a friend is catching fish local, makes fishing easy and fun!! Highly recommend them and the premium download!

Good deal

Cool app. Helped me find more local spots

Fishbrain Folks Great

I am so glad I came across Fishbrain and downloaded the app. So much great information from pros and manufacturers of great fishing gear, but mostly everyday fishermen, like you and me. And, we all know people who fish are just great, friendly people (other than one lady, trout fishing p, who thought if I caught a big trout, then there was surely a second one sitting right beside it waiting for her fly, so she’d practically drown me to steal my spot). But, Fishbrain folks are smarter and friendlier than that, and that’s why we need to get all our fishing friends to join. Guaranteed you’ll learn something, and enjoy watching people all around the world reeling in what we’re all after... that next big fish - and story to go with it. Try it out! Fishbrain!


Love this app!!!

This app is AMAZING

The only issue is that it gets informations form participants. Advertising more and getting more users will ensure this app continues to get better.

#1 Fishing App

I’ve met some very cool brothers and have picked up pointers on fishing here and there. ...Bass Nation.

Top app for fishermen and fisherwomen

Great app to share catches and just to see what everyone else is catching out there.


Awesome app if you want to see other people’s catches and meet new people and post yourself!

Best app for fishing updates you can get

Honestly I normally don’t subscribe to app services but this is one of the few that I do Gives you up to date catches in fishing locations Nice community And overall a must have fishing app


I’ll start by saying that I absolutely love this app. I use it almost daily. Since the latest update on 10/25/18 my app has been freezing when I use the map. Please get this corrected ASAP.

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