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Nice app so far

Nice App!

Lots of fun!

Best Fishing App

By far the best fishing app out there.


Aweso E



Best fishing app

Great app!!

Worth every penny!

Solid app.

Local Catches

Love being able to see what others are catching locally!!

Glad I joined, such a cool app!

Really enjoy seeing all the anglers doing what we all love, also like seeing the catches. I thought I was crazy about fishing & I'm glad to see I’m not the only one!

Wonderful App

Great app, works perfectly. Great community, enjoyable place to share your catches and view others. Can be helpful in finding new spots to fish for certain species and what tackle is working. (I use this app daily).


Local knowledge is a key aspect of fishing and this app brings the local knowledge to you.

The right spot

Great app When looking for a good anglers spot, it’s very much on point it’s just me not having the right bait or my timing is off. But most of the time I hit lovely


Share those catches!


It’s the best way to share the fish uve caught


There’s not much to do unless you pay but it’s a cool app, worth downloading at least.

Great Information

The Site is informative and a great place to get the news you need to know about the latest and greatest catches of the day and the baits they use to catch them on

Very cool

If you like to go fishing and see what’s going on around your area this app is a good one there’s a lot of cool things in the app


As far as fishing is the best app out there the reason for 4 instead of five stars,always room for improvement !!! [oIIIIIo]

Wrong information

I was excited to start using this app but highly dissatisfied when the fishing spots were not where they said they were !

App doesnt work

would love to use but it just says something went wrong when trying to make an account

Great App

Best Fishing app helped me find out a lot about my area

Great APP!!!!

The only app I use before going out. Outstanding job and keep up the great work.

Best app

This is the best app

Great App

Awesome app puts you right where the fish are

Great app!

Opens your eyes to more locations and types of fishing. You'll be a better fisherman with this app

Best fishing app I’ve used

Can’t say enough good things about this app. Clear, concise and easy to use. Love hearing the reel drag sound when I get a notification someone is catching fish. Good luck!

Great social atmosphere

Love the people and if you love to fish and want to know what fishing is in your area this is the app for you.

It’s a good app

I think it’s like Instagram but catching fish


I love fishbrain it is the best of what it could be and every angler our there should get it.

Great App

Drag sound, makes me smile.

Love the app

Love seeing fellow anglers catching nice fish love seeing the different species and seeing what lakes they are caught on.

Best app

This is the best app I have ever heard of and got on my phone. I highly suggest this fishing app🎣

Great App

Everything you want and more!


Love It!!!

Thunders extremely good

Ecstatic with the coverage!

Fur shin

Cool app


Really fun tells what baits should be used for that lake

Awesome app

Great app that helps me keep in touch with my local fishing community.


Great app

It good

It good


It’s a great app


It’s a fun app to show people new locations of where to fish

Love this fishing app!

We all know half the guys lie about which bait they use or where they caught the fish but overall it’s pretty amazing!

Best social media platform for anglers!

I just started using this and it’s great for showing you local locations to fish. Not only that but you create your actual tackle box in this app and can log your catches with all the info of your catch and can basically keep a fishing log to look back on when. Connects you to anglers just like you too. Photo identification is also used, so the app can pretty accurately identify your catch for you if you don’t know what it is.


I love this app I love seeing everyone’s catches and fishing hot spots

Good App

It’s a good app I enjoy post my catches and if u don’t knw the name of ur fish it help find ur fish

Very useful

Great info for the location you are fishing!


Looking for a really good fishing app then choose Fishbrain you will love it

Great App

Thanks for the fishing app! I enjoy everyone’s pics and comments!

Awesome app

Great app five stars

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