Fishbrain - Social Fishing Відгуки

Cool idea

The app is easy and fun to use. Wish there was in app purchases for specific things instead of monthly fee. I would buy predictions to certain fish, maybe positions in my area. $60 a year is expensive


I think fishbrain is a good app because you get to look a tackle and you get to post photos of you fishing and you get to talk to other anglers yesterday I was in bass pro shop and I found 3 people on fishbrain from Spencer t

Good site

Love looking at what everyone catches


The BEST around!!!

Great app

Awesome app

Great app but

It really needs a “Turn off post notification” you post a comment on someone’s post and you will ALWAYS get notifications and there’s no way to turn them off ! Please fix

Love this app

This is awesome, completely changed my fishing, so many good spots close to me I’d never even heard of.

Still bad since it’s inception

Keeps trying to get me to activate premium, so much that I can’t exit that screen and get back to where I was. I’m forced to kill the app first. If I wanted to buy the premium, then I would as an informed consumer but not bc an app keeps trying to force it on me. There’s definitely still just nothing but potlickers in this app. More useful information can be found watching YouTube or reading forums.

Best app ever

This is the number #1 best app and it’s better than Instagram!

Love it

Great app easy to use fun to be a part of

It’s a fun app. You see where to fish and look at peoples lovely catches


Great app

4 stars because you have to pay for exact fishing spots but besides that great app.


This is an extremely informative site and lots of fun as well.

Useful app

The app is great and it helps me find new spots to fish as well as seeing other cool fish


Amazing app if your a fisherman you need it!

Fun to see what people are getting

I’m learning to saltwater fish so it’s great to see what people are getting where, when, and how.


Fun,useful, and cool

Best app I’ve ever used.

This app has helped me find so many great fishing spots

Nice app

Very helpful for fishing


Best fishing app out there

Love this app

Great to have an app like this

Really good

The beast app ever 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


Best app for fishers by far

Sweet app

Awesome app love it


Love this app. Like to share our fishing tales with people that appreciate it

Great app

This app has helped me connect with other anglers all over. Great for finding spot in any area.


This is an amazing app that help people learn more about the sport that they love! From the map, to other people’s posts, it will always keep you posted on what is happening in your area! Overall a great app! I use it almost every day!

Good app

It has helped me catch more fish and helped me find the right time to go fishing

Great and up to date

This is the most up to date interactive fishing app community I’ve ever been a part of, I get notifications all day on when, and where people are catching fish and what there catching it with all in my local area it’s awesome

Great App

Awesome app!! Get to see local fishing spots near me that you probably would have never thought existed unless you live nearby.

Best App

I have to admit this is very helpful app when looking for a quick location to fish especially when time is against you. Ppl on here on here are so polite and nice!!! It’s nice knowing great fish and multi species are swimming nearby by 😉




Great app for fish lovers it’s kinda instagram for fish 🤣💯👍🏼

Great app, few bugs.

The app concept is amazing. I love the community and all the anglers that give tips to anyone who asks. If Fishbrain wants this app to succeed more, they need to work out he bugs like, why can’t I change my name from chandley6939? Every time I go into the settings and hit save after changing it, nothing changes. That’s just one, I’m sure there are ones I’m missing. I can’t wait to see the new updates in the future.

Very helpful

I have found lots of new places to fish and found new species in places I’ve already fished

Great info

Good way to learn about new lakes and what people are using to catch fish

Very helpful

Being an experienced fisherman, you would think there wouldn’t be much on this app to learn. However it is a great help especially when fishing a new body of water. I feel as though you don’t even need to purchase the full package to get enough information to get you on your feet and fishing. Overall a pretty great app

Need support

Support page does not work. I can’t get rid of the the red notification number counter on the icon. It occasionally goes away but I can’t even tell what to acknowledge.

Living the fish

Love the app so far

Great App

Great app! Love to see everyone’s catches.

Love the data from this app

Absolutely great data collection app


A great fishing community app And awesome to update people on yawls previous catches

Fun to use

Great app. Very consumer friendly and easy to upload and post.

Greatest app

Greatest fishing app in the world.

First timer but I love it.

This is just a neat way to keep up with the local fishing scene and see where people are catching what. It’s got a smooth feel to it and I really enjoy it. Plus the photo recognition of your catch is cool. Way to go guys.


I did the free trial and was not happy with I’m getting changed every month for something I never authorized.and I can’t seem to contact anybody to stop the mouthy changes.

Like the app.

Super cool app. It’s really helpful as far as what kind of lures/bait to use on what species at what location. Recommend it to others trying to find new places to fish and how to understand what lures to use.

Amazing app

This app is not a game it is for people who fish I highly recommend this game for people who need to look at local areas and what there caching hope you like it.

Love seeing all the Catches

It’s a great way to learn


Straight up awesome

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